Meet the Dolls


Chloe Maree
Birthday: December 23
Nationality: American
Favorite Color: Purple
Hobby: Dance, reading, and photography
Favorite TV Show: Once Upon A Time
Favorite Movie: Alice in Wonderland and The Lorax
Favorite Animal: Pigs!
Pets: Coconut the dog
Favorite Piece of Clothing: How can I not pick my ballet slippers!
Doll: AG Just Like You #5
Fun Fact: I was the first doll Jessica ever got, and I'm the oldest.
Chloe is the one that started it all. She's the most organized doll, and the one that keeps all of the family in line. She organizes all the family events, and the chore schedule. She love to dance, and is learning to sew from Maddie. She is usually the one that films and edits any videos we make. She loves to read, and is a party of many book fandoms. Her favorite is Harry Potter though, and she loves reading the books again and again.
Outfit: Sweater and pants from American Girl

Jessica Akiko
Nickname: Jess
Birthday: August 14
Nationality: Irish Japanese
Favorite Color: Orange and Teal
Hobby: Swimming, surfing, Tae Kwon Do
Favorite TV Show: Tanked & Survivor
Favorite Movie: Despicable Me movies
Favorite Animal: Turtles and butterflies
Pets: Cookie the pug, and an aquarium full of fish
Favorite Piece of Clothing: Her pink and green swimsuit set
Doll: AG GOTY Jess
Fun Fact: Even though Jessica and I have the same name, I'm always referred to as Jess on the blog, and she is Jessica.
Jess is my beachy girl. She loves to swim and likes playing soccer, and is not a girly girl. She has been swimming since she was two, and loves the water. She loves minions and turtles, and loves going to the beach or pool. Even though her and Maddie are complete opposites, they are still really close and always have each others' back. During the summer, Jess works as a junior lifeguard at the swimming pool. She loves inspirational quotes, and likes to cheer people up.
Outfit: Plaid shirt and shoes from American Girl, purple shirt made by Jessica, shorts from unknown

Madeleine Kate
Nickname: Maddie
Birthday: August 14
Nationality: Irish Japanese
Favorite Color: Pink & Coral
Hobby: Watching Disney movies! And sewing. And ice skating.
Favorite TV Show: Project Runway and Once Upon A Time
Favorite Movie: Any Disney movie, but she loves Brave. She also really likes the live action Cinderella and Into the Woods
Favorite Animal: Bears
Pets: (none)
Favorite Piece of Clothing: I can't chose just one!
Doll: AG GOTY Jess
Fun Fact: I'm the fashion expert of the house :)
Maddie is the most stylish of all the dolls, and also the Disney addict. She sometimes gets caught watching Sofia the First with Milly, and she loves having OUAT marathons with Chloe. She and Jess are twins and best friends, and both live together in the rainforest house. Maddie is a very good ice skater, and really likes making her own costumes. She loves going shopping, and designing new outfits. She really wants an Etsy shop, because she loves sewing clothes for herself, and wants to start selling them there.
Outfit: Outfit from Amazon (Lilly and the Bee Novelties)

Max Oliver
Birthday: June 16
Nationality: Native American
Favorite Color: Green
Hobby: Pretending to be a superhero
Favorite TV Show: Teen Titans Go & Paw Patrol
Favorite Movie: The Avengers
Favorite Animal: Dinosaurs
Pets: Wants a pet puppy
Favorite Piece of Clothing: Superhero cape and mask
Doll: AG Bitty Twin 5B
Fun Fact: Even tough Jess and Maddie are twins too, we are the ones usually referred to as the twins.
Max and Milly are best friends and hate to be separated. Max, being the only boy in the family, has to make his presence known. He is fond of loud activities, like playing the drums on pots and pans, and running through the house pretending to be a superhero. Max will occasionally let himself be convinced to have a tea party or play house with Milly, but he will deny it up and down. He likes to watch superhero movies, like the Avengers, and he loves watching Paw Patrol with Milly. Max likes to play Pokemon with Winter, and they both recently got obsessed with Pokemon Go, and play together on Winter's phone.
Outfit: Shirt, pants, shoes from American Girl

Amelia Rose
Birthday: June 16
Nickname: Milly
Nationality: Native American
Favorite Color: Pink!
Hobby: Likes to play dress up
Favorite TV Show: Sofia the First & Paw Patrol
Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, and the Little Mermaid
Favorite Animal: Bunnies
Pets: (None)
Favorite Piece of Clothing: Her pretty tiara, or her princess dress
Doll: AG Bitty Twin 5G
Fun Fact: Even though Jess and Maddie are twins too, we are the ones usually referred to as the twins.
Max and Milly are best friends, and hate to be separated. Milly loves to play house, and princesses. She really likes to watch Paw Patrol with Max. Milly really likes watching Disney princess movies with Maddie, and she will sometimes watch superhero movies with Max, but is often caught hiding under the blanket during the "scary" scenes. She loves playing dress up with Maddie, and is always a willing model for her fashion experiments. Milly is often shy around new people, but refuses to think bad of anyone.
Outfit: Shirt and tights from American Girl, tutu from Build-A-Bear, shoes from Our Generation.

Winter Alison
Birthday: February 19
Nationality: American
Favorite Color: White, red, black
Hobby: Snowboarding, skiing, fangirling
Favorite TV Show: Octonauts and Paw Patrol
Favorite Movie: Star Wars and the Avengers
Favorite Animal: Polar Bears
Pets: Charlie the dog
Favorite Piece of Clothing: Anything remotely Marvel-y
Doll: AG Just Like You #3
Fun Fact: I love the season winter, and not just because it's my name!
Simply put, Winter loves winter. She loves snowflakes, wintery-themed fabrics, and snowboarding. Her favorite subject in school is history, and she is usually one of the main photographer/filmers for the blog and channel. Her favorite holiday is Valentine's Day, because she was born 5 days away from it. Winter also LOVES superheroes, especially the Avengers. She is the main fangirl of the family, because she loves Marvel, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc.
Outfit: Jacket from American Girl, shorts from Our Generation, shoes from Amazon