DIY School Supplies!

i LOVE this picture!!! this isn't the last time you're going to see it :)
Hi guys! Since most people are finishing up their first month of school, we thought we would do a school supplies DIY! Today we are going to make pencils, colored pencils, pencil cases, a ruler, and a calculator.

Supplies You Will Need:
- Toothpicks
- Colorful markers/pens
- Scissors
- Foam core board/cardboard
- Paint & paintbrush
- Fabric
- Velcro
- Hot glue gun
- Popsicle stick
- Box cutters


Step 1: Cut one pointy side off all your toothpicks. Leave the other pointy side though. Also, please have adult supervision for this step!

Step 2: Color the remaining pointy tip with a gray pen. This makes the lead part of the pencil!

Step 3: Use a pink marker or pen to color in the other end of the toothpick, making an eraser bit.

Step 4: Use an orange marker or pen to color in the body of your pencil, leaving some space at the pointy bit for the shaved off part. I tried both a highlighter and an orange pen here, but I prefered the orange pen.

Step 5 (optional): I did end up going back with a silver paint pen to add some detailing to the eraser part, like the little metal bit you see on normal pencils.

To make the colored pencils, it's pretty much the same except you only use one color to color the tip and the whole body of the pencil.

These little pencils are adorable and just the right size for the dolls, maybe a little small but that's okay. I can't wait to use them more in the future!


 Step 1: Cut out a square and a rectangle from some fabric of your choice. I didn't really measure mine, just eyeballed it, but I think my rectangle was about 2/3 the length of my square, and the same width.

Step 2: You want to lay the two pieces on top of each other, right sides together, and hot glue around the outer three edges.

Step 4: Next, turn the pouch right side out. I also used my scissors to curve the edges slightly, but that was just personal preference.

Step 5: I also made this smaller green pouch, and added some lace as embellishment. You can add sequins, lace, buttons, whatever you like to your pencil case!

Step 6: Hot glue (or sew) some velcro onto the pouch flap and body so you create a closure.

And you're all set! Now you can stick your newly made pencils into your stylish new pencil case!


Step 1: Have an adult use box cutters to cut out a rectangle from foam core board for you. Box cutters can be kinda dangerous for young kids.

Step 2: Paint the rectangle in a color of your choice. I chose a bright blue!

Step 3: Finally, add some buttons and a screen onto your calculator once it's dry with a black marker. I used a paint pen, but I think a Sharpie would work as well. I looked at a real calculator to decide where I wanted my buttons to go!


Step 1: Use a box cutter (Adult supervision or have an adult do it for you!) to cut the rounded ends off of a popsicle stick

Step 2 (optional): Paint your popsicle stick to a ruler-y color. I ended up switching popsicle sticks to a yellow one I had on hand because I liked the color more.

Step 3: Draw on some lines, alternating long and short, to make the measurements on your ruler!

And that's it! Now your doll has a whole array of school supplies to use whenever she needs them. Which craft was your favorite? I liked the ruler and the pencils the most. Send us pictures if you try these crafts yourself, we'd love to see what you create!

See you next time,
Jessica 💕

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