Twin Talk (Update & OOTW)

Hello friends! It is I, Jess!
And me!
And Maddie.
Today, we decided to give you all the updates in our world over here, because Jessica was busy at work today. 
More like every day. She said to tell you all that she is really sorry for not posting for 3 WHOLE MONTHS, and she has been super busy (excuses), and she hopes to post more soon!
I don't know how you could forget about posting for 3 MONTHS.
Anywho, we decided to show you our outfits today!

Ooooh, me first! I'm wearing a shirt from Springfield, a bracelet that Jessica made, and a flower hair tie that came from a friend.

Jess, hold the camera straight!
I'm trying!
My leggings are from Springfield, and my boots are the Just Like You beach boots from 2005.

Very nice, Maddie. Now, my turn!
I actually really like your outfit today, Jess.
REALLY? You never like my outfits!
Yeah, but I will deny it!
Fair enough. Alrighty, so I'm wearing a Bitty Twins shirt, from the Rainbow Plaid outfit, a purple tank top that Jessica made from a Liberty Jane pattern, some white shorts that we don't know where they are from, and pink flats from Caroline's meet outfit.

So that ends the outfit portion of our post, now onto the update part!
Jessica has been planning a bunch of new posts, just hasn't had the time to take pictures.
She has been planning a lot of photoshoots, a packing post, some photostories, reviews, DIYs, sewing, and more!
Shhh, don't tell them all our secrets!
Oh, Jess, you're so silly!

We are all really excited to get back to a regular posting schedule, and crank out some more posts for you guys!
Yay! I can't wait to make more outfit of the day posts!
Maddie, you know that's not all we will be posting, right?
It could be :)
They might get a little bored of that.
Who could be bored with FASHION?
Okay, let's sign off now, before things get too crazy.
Don't forget to comment below whose outfit you liked best!

(PS: Jessica got a new doll! Can you guess who she is? We will shout out the first person to guess correctly!)

Hugs and butterflies,
Jess Maddie


  1. Hi! We've nominated you to partake in the Vlogging Tag. You don't have to vlog to participate. :-) Here is the link to see the details.

    1. Thanks Melody! Can't wait to check it out :)