Afternoon Roses (Photoshoot)

Hello all! I recently went out with Maddie Kate for a sweet little photoshoot. I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I really like the ones I did take.

The above picture is her new profile pic!

I will sometimes edit my photoshoots, but I didn't edit any of these. I like how the darker pictures seem a little mysterious. 

Which photo is your favorite?

Anywho, leave feedback below, I really would appreciate it! I always like to improve my photography.

Outfit: Outfit from Amazon

Lots of love,
Jessica & Maddie


  1. Nice pictures! The flowing sleeves of Maddie Kate's dress are pretty. :)
    ~Sassafras(Christian Homeschooler)

    1. Thank you!!! It's one of my favorite dresses to use for photoshoots.