Beach Girl (Photoshoot)

Hello guys! Guess who is back? ME! I got a nice camera for Christmas and I have been taking so many pictures of my dolls. I also really want to actually get serious about sewing this year, and make my dolls lots of new things. 

This is the first photoshoot I did with my new camera and I love how it turned out. Without further ado, here is Jess!

This is her new profile pic :)

I love this picture! I tried to make it look like she was balancing on the rail.

Which picture was your favorite? I'm really happy with this shoot!

I have photoshoot of Chloe, a doll stuff haul, and a couple other awesome posts lined up! Any thing in particular you guys want to see?

Outfit: Shirt from American Girl, shorts from Our Generation

See you soon,
Jessica 💕


  1. Ahh, Jess is SO cute! And your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I love that last one, and the fifth one from the bottom, and the first one, and... okay, I love all of them! LOL!


    1. Hahaha, thanks so much Madi! This is one of my favorite photoshoots I've ever done :)

      ----Sorry if this comment is MONTHS late, I haven't been able to comment for a while.---