Who Should Be The GOTY 2017 Tag

Hello everybody! Today we have a tag post for all of you, the GOTY 2017 tag. Kara at Doll World tagged us a while back, thank you so much, Kara! 

Thank the person who nominated you
Answer the 10-15 questions given
Make 10 questions for the nominees to answer
Nominate 2-5 people

Okay, here we go!
1. What is your GOTY's name? (nickname?)
Anna Claire Kelly
2. What does she look like?
She has curly brown hair, much like Rebecca's, down to her backside, lots and lots of freckles, Marie-Grace face mold, and brown eyes.

This photo was my inspiration for her (photo from Lissie and Lily, watermark shows original owner)
3. Age?
4. Personality?
Anna is pretty quiet, but she loves to help out wherever she can. She is really good at history and math, but not so much at science. She often asks her brother, James, for help with her science homework, and he makes up fun sayings to help her remember things for tests. Her favorite animals are cows!
5. Where does she live?
On a dairy farm in western Pennsylvania.
6. What does she enjoy doing?
Driving the tractor around, sewing and crafting new things, like furniture and clothes and blankets, and making friends with the cows :).
7. Friends and siblings?
She has three siblings, a 17 year old brother, James, and 4 year old twins, Sam and Sophie.
Her best friends forever are Nathan, who lives on the farm up the road, and Liv (Olivia), who lives in a townhouse closer to the city.
8. Pets?
She has three kittens that she found abandoned on the side of the road when she came home from school one day, who she named Mopsy, Topsy, and Flopsy. She is also really close with Button and Bullet the cows. Button is a calf that no one thought would survive when its mother gave birth to it, but Anna helped nurse him back to health, and Bullet is his healthier brother (named because he likes to run around a lot).
9. Describe her meet outfit.
Anna would come in dark wash jean shortalls, with a 3/4 length sleeve shirt with a pink, green, white, and yellow flower pattern. She has a big pastel yellow bow pulling back a curl from her face. She would also have a silver necklace with a small heart charm. Her shoes would be white converse-style sneakers, with light blue socks.
10. Other outfits?
Pajamas: Long sleeve baseball style tee shirt with a cute little cow on the front and black sleeves, and pink capris with a cute happy cow pattern matching her shirt all over.  Simple black slip-on slippers.
School Outfit: A red, blue, and white flannel, black bow, black spaghetti strap top, white leggings, and red flats
Farm Outfit: Light wash distressed jeans, dark green hi top sneakers, white t-shirt with an abstract tree drawing on it, red bandanna kerchief
Fancy Outfit: White eyelet dress with a wrap top, white ballet ankle wrap sandals, two gold bow clips, gold bracelet
Crafting Outfit: Sunflower clip, lightweight white vest, coral tulle skirt, coral & white mandala-patterned button up shirt, light brown boots (inspired by an outfit from Clarisse's Closet)
11. What else is in her collection?
Accessories: Mint green backpack, leather cord bracelet, picture of Button and Bullet, agricultural magazine, white water bottle, tablet
Kittens: Her three kittens, a cat tower, some cat toys, and a food and water bowl with mat.
Bedtime Accessories: Cute stuffed cow, white sweater knit blanket, hot water bottle, book, pink throw pillow, flower-patterned regular pillow, pink alarm clock, yellow lamp
Cows: Button & Bullet the calves, two lead ropes, a feed trough and feed sack.
Crafting Set: Scissors, mini sewing kit, fabric, hot glue gun, hammer, nails, wood pieces, paint can, paint brushes, tool box and craft bag, and colorful chair
Farm Boots: Flower-patterned rubber boots with pink accents
12. Anything else you would like to share?
Nope, I think I got everything!

Whew, that was a lot! We hope to someday actually create this doll, and all of her outfits and collection :).

We nominate:
Silver Sky Dolls
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Doll Days
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Questions for the Nominees:
1. What is your GOTY's name and nickname?
2. How old is she?
3. What does she like to do for fun?
4. Where does she live?
5. What is her personality like?
6. Friends, siblings, pets?
7. What is her meet outfit?
8. What other outfits are in her collection?
9. What else is in her collection?
10. Has she got any best friend dolls? (Like Gwen and Sonali to Chrissa)
11. What kind of things would she do in her story?
12. Anything else?

Have fun! Can't wait to see what girl of the years you guys create!

I've been thinking lately, and I'm not going to post the rest of the back to school posts, I'm really just not feeling it as much. Is that okay with you all? I can post them if you guys want.

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  1. I like how detailed you made your Girl Of The Year! I did this tag just yesterday, but I wasn't nearly as in-depth! I love the idea for this doll, especially the meet outfit. The only thing I disagree with is the age, because a lot of us older girls have been hoping for a 12+ doll since AG makes mostly 9-year-olds. However, I expect you're younger, and don't blame you for wanting yet another doll your age. Overall, great post!
    ~Tenley and The Sunshine Dollies

    1. Thanks for your comment, Tenley! I spent a while writing it all out. I'm actually a junior in high school right now, and I understand your point about the older dolls. However, I just felt the age I chose fit my character better. Thanks again!

    2. Oh! Sorry about that! Lol. In that case, you're older than me!

  2. This is an awesome post! I think that she would be a great GOTY for 2017!

    1. Thanks bluehorse! We had fun coming up with her character :)