Cinderella: A Photostory From the Minis

Once upon a time, there lived an unhappy young girl named Cinderella in a kingdom far, far away.

She lived in a house with her two vain stepsisters, and her cruel stepmother. Cinderella was a beautiful young woman, even in all the dirt and rags, and her stepsisters were clumsy and ugly, and they envied her natural beauty everyday.  

Cinderella's mother had died when she was very young, and her father had remarried another woman. Soon after, he died as well, and Cinderella was left to submit to her stepfamily's every whim. 

You see, Cinderella was not an equal in their household. She was only a maid to her sisters and stepmother, while they lived in the finest comforts.

One day, a letter arrived from the palace itself. The stepmother excitedly opened the envelope, while the stepsisters watch over her shoulder. "The palace is hosting a ball, in honor of the young prince's birthday. All the young maidens in the kingdom are invited," the stepmother read, "Girls! We must get you new dresses! You are going to meet the prince!"

Cinderella smiled at the thought of the ball. "Stepmother, will I get a new dress too?" she asked.

Her stepmother turned to look at the girl. "Cinderella, don't be silly. You are not going to the ball. Imagine if the prince saw that we brought a raggedy little serving girl with us. He'd be mortified! Now, you need to draw the girls a hot bath. They must be absolutelyperfect for the ball."

Cinderella sighed and headed away to do her chores. As she left, she overheard the stepsisters start to argue over their dresses.

Soon, the day of the ball was upon them. Cinderella was doing chores, like usual, while her stepsisters prepared for the celebration. She listened when the carriage arrived, and her stepmother ushered the girls out. 

As soon as they were gone, Cinderella sank to the floor and began to cry. 

But suddenly, a light flashed, and a figure inside of it.

A beautiful lady had appeared, and she was dressed in a beautiful gown. The most peculiar thing though, was that she held a magical wand in her hand.

Cinderella gasped. "Who are you? Where did you come from?" 

"Hello, my dear! I'm your fairy godmother. I'm here to help you go to the ball!"
"Wow! But, how can you do that?" Cinderella said, astonished.
"Well, let's start with your clothes. You need something nicer then that for a palace ball, dear."

"Bippity boppity boo!" The fairy godmother said, waving her wand at Cinderella.
Another flash of light, with Cinderella at the center.

"Perfect!" The godmother said, as the light faded, "that dress is amazing on you."
"Oh my goodness, thank you! It's beautiful!" Cinderella twirled in her dress.
"Alright, now we really must get going. We need a carriage, and this pumpkin will do nicely."

The fairy godmother waved her wand again, and said, "Bippity boppity boo!" Suddenly the pumpkin disappeared and in its place was a beautiful carriage.

 "Now off you go!" the godmother said, happily waving Cinderella towards the carriage. 
"Oh, thank you fairy godmother!" Cinderella exclaimed, hugging her tightly.

"Have fun, dear! And don't forgot, the magic will fade away at the last stroke of midnight!" The fairy godmother warned. Cinderella nodded, and climbed into her carriage.

After a little ways the carriage started to roll up to the grand palace, decorated for the celebration. Cinderella marveled at the elegance from her seat in the carriage. 

As Cinderella ascended the steps to the palace, she looked up at the towering doors at the entrance to the castle. 

Inside the palace, the prince was halfheartedly dancing with one of the stepsisters, while a line of girls excitedly waited to dance with the prince.

Cinderella took a deep breath and walked into the ballroom, and everyone stopped to look up at her. The prince immediately was starstruck, and quickly abandoned his previous partner. 

He walked up to Cinderella, and bowed to her. "May I have this dance, madame?" he asked.
"Gladly, your Majesty." she responded, equally as starstruck.

The two danced the night away, neither having eyes for anyone else at the ball. 

Suddenly, the clock started to chime. "Oh no!" Cinderella cried, "It's midnight!" She quickly ran out of the ballroom, leaving the prince confused and chasing after her. "Wait! Where are you going?" he yelled.

Cinderella ignored the prince and kept running. However, as she ran, one of her shoes came loose and fell off. She did not have time to turn back, and continued to run the whole way home, as her beautiful outfit turned into her original rags.

When Cinderella arrived home, she collapsed onto the floor, exhausted. She held her one remaining shoe and smiled with the memory of the wonderful night. She hid the shoe in the cinders of the fire and climbed into her little bed.

The next morning, Cinderella was cleaning the parlor when her stepmother strode into the room, followed by her squealing stepsisters. "'.....and so the prince will be visiting each house in the kingdom to try the slipper on all maidens.' Girls, girls! You must fit into that slipper!" the stepmother said. Cinderella looked up and quietly asked, "All maidens? Will I get to try on the slipper?" Her stepsisters laughed and her stepmother scoffed at her. "Of course not! You will stay in the kitchen. I will not embarrass the prince with your presence!"

Soon there was a knock at their door. The stepmother took a deep breath and opened the door, "Welcome, your Majesty!" Cinderella peeked out from the kitchen to watch as the prince came in, wishing she could be back in that ballroom, dancing her heart out. The prince politely said, "Hello madam. We do not wish to bother you, but we need to try this slipper on any young maidens in your house. "

"Yes, of course. My daughters will try the shoe on." She nudged one of the stepsisters forward, and she stepped forward, and sat down onto the chair. The prince knelt down and tried to slip the shoe onto her foot, but it would not fit. "I'm sorry, it does not fit. Next, please."

Next, the other stepsister sat down, and they tried to fit the shoe onto her foot. Again, it would not fit. So, the prince removed the slipper from the second stepsister's foot, and stepped back. "Are there any more girls in this house, madam?" Cinderella listened with a sinking heart as her stepmother said "No, there aren't. Thank you, your Majesty." She moved over to the window and started to sing, because she was trying to distract herself. However, what she didn't know was that the window was open, and the prince below heard every word of her song. 

The prince came back into the house, and he strode over to the kitchen, and opened the door. Cinderella's head shot up and she gasped. The stepmother quickly stepped in front of her, but the prince insisted that she try on the slipper. The stepmother said to the girl, "I forbid you from trying on that shoe!" But Cinderella was tired of taking her stepmother's orders, and quietly said, "I would like to try on the slipper, please, your Majesty."

The prince smiled and knelt down to slide the slipper onto Cinderella's foot. The shoe fit on her foot perfectly, and the stepmother was astonished.

The prince gave Cinderella his hand to help her up, and said to her, "My lady, if you would accompany me to the palace?"

Cinderella stood up and walked out with the prince, as her stepsisters looked on in amazement, and her stepmother tried to forbid Cinderella from leaving. But Cinderella ignored her, as she had her happy ending ahead of her.

Cinderella and the prince left for the palace, and a little late got married and lived happily ever after.

The end! Wow, that was a really long post! Hope you guys enjoyed the minis' retelling of Cinderella, we had a lot of fun making it. They might do Rapunzel next :)

Cinderella: Kirsten
Prince: Kit
Stepmother: Addy
Stepsisters: Molly & Josefina
Fairy Godmother: Elizabeth
Partygoers: Samantha & Felicity

See you soon,


  1. Awesome! You have a talent for writing stories! I'll be excited if you make another one! :D

  2. What a great story. Congratulations. I love it.

    1. Thank you Marion! It's one of my favorite stories!

  3. What a great post. The minis are adorable. They are talented actors. Thanks for sharing this story.

    1. Thanks Marilyn! The minis are excited for the next story too.