Back to School 2016 - Maddie

Hello world! Today's back to school feature is on Maddie, who is very excited to show you her things. 

Let's start with her hair and outfit.

You can't really see the clip in photos because it blends in with her hair, but I just pulled Maddie's hair back with a simple little clip to get it out of her face.

Maddie would like it said that it took her forever to put together this outfit, and she is very happy with the result :). The shirt is from Sophia's, I ordered the outfit off Amazon. I love this shirt, it is such a cute piece! And her leggings are from American Girl, the retired Saige's sweater outfit.

Her socks and boots are from Our Generation's Mad about Plaid outfit. 

I bought Maddie's pink backpack from Ebay, and it isn't the best quality, the backpack in general is uneven, but the seams are okay. 

Okay, let's take a look inside of her backpack.

The first thing she has in her bag is a cute little Secret Life of Pets folder from American Girl Ideas.

Inside the folder there is some spare paper and a math worksheet.

Maddie is bringing her laptop to school, in case she needs it for notes or email.

She also has her favorite pink pencil with her. 

Of course she can't forget her phone! Maddie has a rose gold iPhone that I printed from American Girl Ideas.

She also has her iPad and its case, the iPad printed from the same place as her phone, and the folder from an old AG JLY set. 

And that's all of it! Maddie is totally ready to show off her cute outfit on the first day!

Hope you enjoyed this post, Milly's post will be up sometime next week.

Lots of love,