Back to School 2016 - Chloe

Hi everyone! We're back with another post from our back to school series! Today we are featuring Chloe, with her school supplies and outfit. 

She loves her first day of school outfit! It fits her personality perfectly.

Shirt: AG 2005 Sightseeing Outfit 
Skirt: Made by me :)

Tights: Our Generation Skateboarding Set
Shoes: AG 2005 Beach Boots

Chloe's hair is up in a simple half up half down kind of style, with a bow that I'm not sure where it is from. I love this style on Chloe so much! Her hair looks so sweet like this.

Chloe's school bag is a doll-sized tote bag from the dollar store. It's purple, her favorite color!

The first item in her bag is a personalized folder for all her school papers. It has a pink and red heart on it and it says Chloe.

Inside the folder she has some spare paper and her math homework.

The next thing in her bag is this pink file folder from the AG Doll School craft book set, with all her drawings, courtesy of a printable on Doll Diaries from Laura Kelly.

(sorry for the blurry writing, my camera wouldn't focus on the book!)

Her book is Meet Felicity, from American Girl, as a pleasure reading book.

The next thing she has is a purple mechanical pencil, and I'm not totally sure where it is from. All my dolls have one, and I love them so much! It actually works and is very close to the right size, maybe slightly big.

The last things in Chloe's bag is her phone and iPad, phone printed from American Girl Ideas and iPad made from various Google Images. 

And Chloe is all ready for her school day! 

What did you think of the second installment of our school series? Maddie is coming up next! Do you like this series? We also have a fun post from the minis coming up, and a cool tag from Kara at Doll World.

See you soon,