Summer Homework? A Photostory.

Chloe sat on her bed on afternoon, finishing up some summer math homework for the upcoming school year. "And, that should equal...18! And I'm finally done! Wow, teachers sure give a lot of homework. Thank goodness I finished my book last week. I'm going to go see what Jess is doing."

"Go Gru! Go get the little orange noodle!" Jess yelled at the TV.

"Hi Jess! What are you doing?" Chloe said, as she walked into the living room.
"Watching Despicable Me. Again." Jess replied, still focused on the movie behind Chloe. 
"Really? I was just wondering if you had done the summer math packet yet. I had some trouble on the last page, can I see yours?" Chloe said.

"What do you mean, summer math packet? We only had a summer reading book." Jess sat up quickly, and paused the movie.
"Umm, no, there was a packet. Ms. Fields gave it to us on the last day of school." Chloe replied.

"AHH! I HAVE TO FIND A PENCIL! AND A CALCULATOR! AND SOME GOLDFISH!" Jess screamed and ran out of the room.
"Okay... Maybe I'll ask Winter then..." Chloe turned the TV off and quietly left.

"Come on, I need to know if Quicksilver is dead or not!" Winter said, as she scrolled through Avengers stories.

"Hey Winter! Whatcha doing?" Chloe asked as she walked into the room. 
"Oh, hi Chloe! I was looking at playtimes for Suicide Squad, but I ended up on Tumblr." Winter replied, setting her computer to the side. 

Chloe said, "Well, I wanted to know if you had done the math packet yet. I had some trouble on the last page."

"Yep! Here you go. It took me forever though, thank goodness there was no reading, I wouldn't have ever finished." Winter said as she passed Chloe some papers.
"Winter, there was a book. We had to read Pride and Prejudice for a book report project at the beginning of the year." Chloe said.

"That's bad, that's very very bad! I need that book now! School starts in two weeks!" Winter yelled frantically.

"Okay then, I guess I'll go see Maddie." Chloe said, as she watched Winter run out of the room.

Maddie was in the rainforest house, surrounded by clothes. "I need the perfect outfit for the first day of school! Dress or pants? T-shirt or tank top? UGH, I can't decide!" she said.

"Maddie!" Chloe said, as she walked in, "What on earth happened in here?"

"Can't talk. Must accessorize." Maddie replied, turning back to the piles.
"Well, I was just wondering, did you do any of the summer homework? Jess and Winter both

Maddie quickly turned back to Chloe, a look of shock on her face. "WAIT what? SUMMER WORK? I was not informed of this! I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!"

Maddie started to freak out and throw clothes as she searched for her school bag. Chloe decided to let her be, and turned to leave. As she left, she said, "Wow, my sister are crazy. I wonder if anyone has gotten their school supplies yet. Speaking of which, I need to do that...."

Hope you guys liked that photostory! I had so much fun throwing clothes around the rainforest house. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions for new photostories, comment down below!

    Chloe: Dress from Sophia's
    Jess: Shirt from AG, shorts from Our Generation.
    Winter: Sweater & pants from AG
    Maddie: Shirt and skirt from AG

See you next time!


  1. xD This is hilarious!! I can't wait for the next part!

    1. Thank you :) We should have more back to school posts up soon, but I have so many things I want to post and so little time xD

  2. This is a great post.

  3. The girls have to get their act together for school.

    1. Yes, I agree! They only have a couple of days left.

  4. I don't think the girls are ready for school to start.

    1. They really aren't :). Thank you for commenting, Joan!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Melody! We had fun making it.

  6. I nominated you for a tag on my blog.

    1. Thank you so much Kara! That means a lot. We are going to have it up soon, it looks like a lot of fun!