Rio Dollympics 2016

Hello all! Today we are bringing you highlights from the Rio 2016 Summer Dollympics. It's a little late because my wifi isn't working, but I should have more posts up soon. I have a back to school series ready, and I think I will start that in a couple days. 

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

First, at the track and field stadium, a USA runner is preparing for her race.

And there's the starting gun! Off she goes. Watch how skillfully she dodges the cones and races to the finish.

She's done it! A gold medal for the United States from this amazing young runner! 

Now over to the gymnastics arena for the floor routines.

The American gymnast is about to start her floor routine. Oh, there's the music. A beautiful classic piece for this doll, and she is dancing her heart out out there. 

And there is her first trick, a beautiful tumbling pass. And she sticks the landing! That will definitely score high.

Wow! An amazing routine for the talented gymnast. And her score is a 15.800 out of 16.200. She moves into first place, and will likely take home the gold!

Here we are now at the Tae Kwon Do finals, and the girl from the United States, a newcomer to the Olympics, is finishing up her routine.

A little crooked on that side kick, but she quickly adjusts, and moves into a complicated blocking combination.

A flawless knife hand block there, she is quite well known for her form skills. And she's finished! A beautiful routine, a few deductions here and there, but overall a very good job.

Let's head over to the swimming pool for a medal ceremony.

The medal ceremony for the 200 meter freestyle is progressing smoothly, and now the presentation of the gold medal to the amazing young American swimmer. 

Here she is with her gold medal, waiting for her national anthem to start. 

And there it goes, the entire audience enraptured by the song. The swimmer stands tall and listens proudly to her anthem and claps loudly at the end.

A wonderful performance from this lucky swimmer, she certainly deserves thatmedal. Here she is with the American flag, and we will see her again soon in the 200 meter medley.

(Disclaimer: All credit/copyright for Rio logo picture goes to NBC and the original owners, I found it on Google Images)

Outfits: Track suit, gymnastics gear, Tae Kwon Do uniform all from American Girl, swimsuit made by Jessica, medal from Our Generation.

See you later everyone, hopefully with more school-related posts and a working wifi network soon!


  1. Cool! Good job on the photography!

    1. Thank you, I've been trying new angles and definitely think I've improved :)

  2. Nice job! Had a great time watching the Olympics!

    1. Hello Melody! Thank you for commenting, we had fun watching it too! What is your favorite event, I love the gymnastics and diving.