OOTD with Maddie - 8/9/16

Hello readers! I'm Maddie, and today, I'm going to be showing you my outfit of the day.

I tried to get Jess to come show her outfit too, but she was in a hurry to go down to the beach so she hit the tide just right :). Maybe next time then!

My dress is from American Girl, the recently retired Bitty Twin Garden Play outfit. I love this dress, it is so cute and playful! My green striped leggings are from Silly Monkey, and this is one of my favorite outfits that I have paired them with so far. 

(sorry this picture is a little blurry, my camera would not focus) My little pink and green rainbow loom bracelet was made by Jessica, and it matches my dress perfectly.

My comfy flats are from American Girl, the same outfit as the dress. They were part of Milly's meet outfit, along with the dress and a blue pair of tights. These are one of our first pair of American Girl brand flats, and I can't stop putting outfits together with them! They are so versatile and adorable!

I put my hair up in a half-up, half-down ponytail thing, and left it at that. 

Oh, I'm getting inspired by my outfit today! I think the closet is calling me, and it is saying you are already a month late on putting together my back to school outfit!

I'll see you next time, stay awesome!


  1. Maddie's outfit is adorable! :) I love the leggings!

    1. Thank you! The leggings are from Silly Monkey, we love them so much.

  2. I love her outfit!! I used to make bracelets like that for my friends.

    1. Thank you so much! I love making the little bracelets, there are so many combinations you can make.