Rio Dollympics 2016

Hello all! Today we are bringing you highlights from the Rio 2016 Summer Dollympics. It's a little late because my wifi isn't working, but I should have more posts up soon. I have a back to school series ready, and I think I will start that in a couple days. 

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

First, at the track and field stadium, a USA runner is preparing for her race.

And there's the starting gun! Off she goes. Watch how skillfully she dodges the cones and races to the finish.

She's done it! A gold medal for the United States from this amazing young runner! 

Now over to the gymnastics arena for the floor routines.

The American gymnast is about to start her floor routine. Oh, there's the music. A beautiful classic piece for this doll, and she is dancing her heart out out there. 

And there is her first trick, a beautiful tumbling pass. And she sticks the landing! That will definitely score high.

Wow! An amazing routine for the talented gymnast. And her score is a 15.800 out of 16.200. She moves into first place, and will likely take home the gold!

Here we are now at the Tae Kwon Do finals, and the girl from the United States, a newcomer to the Olympics, is finishing up her routine.

A little crooked on that side kick, but she quickly adjusts, and moves into a complicated blocking combination.

A flawless knife hand block there, she is quite well known for her form skills. And she's finished! A beautiful routine, a few deductions here and there, but overall a very good job.

Let's head over to the swimming pool for a medal ceremony.

The medal ceremony for the 200 meter freestyle is progressing smoothly, and now the presentation of the gold medal to the amazing young American swimmer. 

Here she is with her gold medal, waiting for her national anthem to start. 

And there it goes, the entire audience enraptured by the song. The swimmer stands tall and listens proudly to her anthem and claps loudly at the end.

A wonderful performance from this lucky swimmer, she certainly deserves thatmedal. Here she is with the American flag, and we will see her again soon in the 200 meter medley.

(Disclaimer: All credit/copyright for Rio logo picture goes to NBC and the original owners, I found it on Google Images)

Outfits: Track suit, gymnastics gear, Tae Kwon Do uniform all from American Girl, swimsuit made by Jessica, medal from Our Generation.

See you later everyone, hopefully with more school-related posts and a working wifi network soon!


Summer Homework? A Photostory.

Chloe sat on her bed on afternoon, finishing up some summer math homework for the upcoming school year. "And, that should equal...18! And I'm finally done! Wow, teachers sure give a lot of homework. Thank goodness I finished my book last week. I'm going to go see what Jess is doing."

"Go Gru! Go get the little orange noodle!" Jess yelled at the TV.

"Hi Jess! What are you doing?" Chloe said, as she walked into the living room.
"Watching Despicable Me. Again." Jess replied, still focused on the movie behind Chloe. 
"Really? I was just wondering if you had done the summer math packet yet. I had some trouble on the last page, can I see yours?" Chloe said.

"What do you mean, summer math packet? We only had a summer reading book." Jess sat up quickly, and paused the movie.
"Umm, no, there was a packet. Ms. Fields gave it to us on the last day of school." Chloe replied.

"AHH! I HAVE TO FIND A PENCIL! AND A CALCULATOR! AND SOME GOLDFISH!" Jess screamed and ran out of the room.
"Okay... Maybe I'll ask Winter then..." Chloe turned the TV off and quietly left.

"Come on, I need to know if Quicksilver is dead or not!" Winter said, as she scrolled through Avengers stories.

"Hey Winter! Whatcha doing?" Chloe asked as she walked into the room. 
"Oh, hi Chloe! I was looking at playtimes for Suicide Squad, but I ended up on Tumblr." Winter replied, setting her computer to the side. 

Chloe said, "Well, I wanted to know if you had done the math packet yet. I had some trouble on the last page."

"Yep! Here you go. It took me forever though, thank goodness there was no reading, I wouldn't have ever finished." Winter said as she passed Chloe some papers.
"Winter, there was a book. We had to read Pride and Prejudice for a book report project at the beginning of the year." Chloe said.

"That's bad, that's very very bad! I need that book now! School starts in two weeks!" Winter yelled frantically.

"Okay then, I guess I'll go see Maddie." Chloe said, as she watched Winter run out of the room.

Maddie was in the rainforest house, surrounded by clothes. "I need the perfect outfit for the first day of school! Dress or pants? T-shirt or tank top? UGH, I can't decide!" she said.

"Maddie!" Chloe said, as she walked in, "What on earth happened in here?"

"Can't talk. Must accessorize." Maddie replied, turning back to the piles.
"Well, I was just wondering, did you do any of the summer homework? Jess and Winter both

Maddie quickly turned back to Chloe, a look of shock on her face. "WAIT what? SUMMER WORK? I was not informed of this! I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!"

Maddie started to freak out and throw clothes as she searched for her school bag. Chloe decided to let her be, and turned to leave. As she left, she said, "Wow, my sister are crazy. I wonder if anyone has gotten their school supplies yet. Speaking of which, I need to do that...."

Hope you guys liked that photostory! I had so much fun throwing clothes around the rainforest house. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions for new photostories, comment down below!

    Chloe: Dress from Sophia's
    Jess: Shirt from AG, shorts from Our Generation.
    Winter: Sweater & pants from AG
    Maddie: Shirt and skirt from AG

See you next time!


Happy Birthday, Jess & Maddie!

Hello everyone! It's Jess and Maddie here. Guess what, it's our birthday! We decided to show you guys what all we got presents-wise, and we are super grateful to our amazing family and friends. 

"So what should we open first, Maddie?"
"How about the little stuffies? This Mickey Mouse is calling my name!"

"Awwh, look at the little turtle! As Agnes would say, IT'S SO FLUFFY!"

"These are from Chloe and Winter I think. They are so cute!"

"This one is from Max and Milly. It smells yummy!"

"That's so sweet of them, no pun intended."

"They gave us a Sweethearts box, Hershey's bar, and Crunch bar."

"I think I know what this is! It's from Jessica, for both of us."

"It's so cool! I can't wait to play it."

"Oh, I know what this is!"

"Yay! I really wanted this!"

"I got Meet Kaya!"

"This one is from you, Jess!"

"A new purse? You know me so well! It's so pretty, I love it so much!"

"I wonder what you got me, Madz?"


"This is perfect, thank you Maddie!"

"Oh, wow, look at this mess. We should probably clean this up, Jess, or Chloe is not going to be very happy."
"Fine, but can I take this fancy shmancy skirt off now?"

Jess's Outfit: Shirt & shoes from American Girl, skirt from Sophia's
Maddie's Outfit: Dress from Sophia's, shoes from American Girl

See you next time!


OOTD with Maddie - 8/9/16

Hello readers! I'm Maddie, and today, I'm going to be showing you my outfit of the day.

I tried to get Jess to come show her outfit too, but she was in a hurry to go down to the beach so she hit the tide just right :). Maybe next time then!

My dress is from American Girl, the recently retired Bitty Twin Garden Play outfit. I love this dress, it is so cute and playful! My green striped leggings are from Silly Monkey, and this is one of my favorite outfits that I have paired them with so far. 

(sorry this picture is a little blurry, my camera would not focus) My little pink and green rainbow loom bracelet was made by Jessica, and it matches my dress perfectly.

My comfy flats are from American Girl, the same outfit as the dress. They were part of Milly's meet outfit, along with the dress and a blue pair of tights. These are one of our first pair of American Girl brand flats, and I can't stop putting outfits together with them! They are so versatile and adorable!

I put my hair up in a half-up, half-down ponytail thing, and left it at that. 

Oh, I'm getting inspired by my outfit today! I think the closet is calling me, and it is saying you are already a month late on putting together my back to school outfit!

I'll see you next time, stay awesome!